Hagedoorn Line

We breed with the famous Hagedoorn line mare line 46, breeding family 232.
From this line come the various approved stallions such as Ulft (KWPN), Onassis (DWB) and Nilena (Oldenburg).

Below an overview of this mare line:

Elena (by Wynton) Ster, Prok, provisional label

Offspring Elena:

2014 Jaguar SB (v. Everdale) Star IBOP
2015 Katouch SB (v. Ferdeaux) 2nd notification
2016 Lilly-Lena SB (by Ferdeaux) 5th National foal inspection, Foal Champion Gelderland, Ster
2017 Mila-Lena SB (v. For Romance I) NMK, provisionally approved
2018 Newton SB (v. Just Wimphof)
2019 Onchao SB (v. Ferdinand)
2020 Promiss or Lena SB (Le Formidable)

Zilena (by Prestige VDL) Elite

Offspring Zilena:

2008 Dilenar (by Spielberg) Reg.A, Prok
2009 Elena (v. Wynton) Ster, Prok, pred. Approve
2010 Filenar (by Vivaldi) VB
2011 Givaldi (by Vivaldi) VB, dressage L1
2012 Helena (by Charmeur) Elite
2013 I.Charmeur (by Charmeur)
2015 Kilena (by Aqiedo) D-OC
2016 Lelena (by Governor)
2017 Milenar (by Governor)
2018 Nilena (by Incognito)

Rilena (by Flemmingh) Elite, Preferent, Sport dressage

Offspring Rilena:

2002 Vrilena (by Ferro) dressage M1
2004 Zilena (by Prestige VDL) Elite, Preferent
2005 Arilena (by Jazz) Elite, Preferent
2010 Florena (by Jazz) Elite, D-OC, dressage Z1
2011 Giorgio (by Moorland Bodyguard) dressage M1
2012 Helena (by Don Tango) Elite, dressage Z1
2013 Indian Summer (Wynton) KWPN designated, ggk AES
2014 Joy Lena (by Wynton) Elite, Prok, dressage Z1
2015 Kravitz (by Jazz)
2016 Loïs Lena (by Glock's Toto Jr.)
2017 Mobro (by Wynton)
2018 Navarro (by Glock's Toto JR.)

Ilena (by Nimmerdor) Elite, Preference, Performance, Prok

Offspring Ilena:

1994 M (by Ekstein) VB
1995 Nilena (by Burggraaf) ggh Oldenburg
1996 Olly (by Burggraaf) Ster, dressage L2, jumping 1,10
1997 Peter (by Flemmingh) dressage LT
1998 Rilena (v. Flemmingh) Elite, Preferent, Sport dressage, Prok, ZZL dressage
1999 Sileno (by Flemmingh) VB
2000 Tilena (by Freestyle) Reg. a
2001 Ulena (by Freestyle) Star, Prok, M1 dressage
2002 Onassis (v. Obelisk) ggh DWB, PSG / Inter I
2003 Wilenar (by Radar) VB
2004 Z (by Obelisk)
2005 Alena (by Sandreo)
2006 Bilenar (by Florencio) dressage ZZL
2008 Dilena (by Welt Hit II) Elite, EPTM dressage
2010 F (by Wynton)